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98 Little Horton Lane, Bradford, BD5 0JG

Tel/Fax: 01274 7240 585

Свештеник: Жарко Д. Недић

Priest in charge: The Very Reverend Žarko D. Nedić

General Information About Christmas Eve (Badnje Veče).

There will be a Church Service on Badnje Veče at 7pm subject to changes in English Law on Covid-19 Policy. Please contact Father Žarko Nedić or check details on the Church Website nearer the time.

There will not be an outside fire this year.

The church capacity is limited due to social distancing rules. We cannot presently offer parishioners access to the church hall to socialise. You may access the hall for the limited purposes of using the toilet facilities and making payments in the office.

People need to consider that they may not be able to stay in the church for the full Badnje Veče Service which is about 45 minutes long.

People may be asked to leave the church if the church capacity is reached to allow others to enter. Please do not feel offended if you are asked to leave by a steward who will wear a badge or lanyard of authorisation. We are living through very challenging times.

People will still have access to branches from the tree (Badnjak). Church officials will distribute the branches fairly.

Parishioners will still be able to contribute financially to the church and pay parish dues without physically attending the church, by contacting the people named in the Fundraising Letter on the Church Website.

Trust in God.

Very Revd. Žarko Nedić

Parish Priest in Bradford

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